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Rescue Diver

Who can take this course?

Adventure Divers who are at least 12 years old and have completed the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive may enroll in this course. You will also need to have CPR and First Aid training within the past 2 years. This can be completed during the Rescue Diver course.

Why get a Rescue Diver Certification?

The Rescue Diver course is challenging but also rewarding. You will learn to prevent and manage major and minor problems that arise in the water. Through rescue exercises you will learn what to look for and how to respond to different emergency situations including self rescue, rescuing panicked divers, rescuing unresponsive divers, recognizing and managing stress in other divers and emergency management and equipment.

What are the requirements?

There is an e-learning interactive program that lets you learn at your own pace. Your instructor will schedule your review session and rescue exercises.

What equipment is needed?

Basic SCUBA equipment is required. You will work with floats, marker buoys and CPR mannequins during rescue exercises. Your instructor may suggest additional gear such as your own first aid kit and a pocket mask to practice in-water resuscitation.

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