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What is Nitrox?
Simply put, Nitrox is air with a higher concentration of Oxygen and less Nitrogen.
Why Nitrox?
With less Nitrogen in your tank your body absorbs lower levels of Nitrogen, resulting in longer bottom times and shorter surface intervals.
Who should use Nitrox?
Divers who take vacations completing multiple continuous days of diving, divers on live-aboards, mature divers. NITROX also reduces the narcotic effect of Nitrogen at depth. As an added benefit, many people feel more energetic and less tired after their dives. Most importantly, safety is increased by adding protection from potential decompression sickness.
What are the requirements?
Only open water certification is necessary. Any agency’s open water certification is acceptable. There are no other requirements.
What extra equipment is needed?
For most situations, nothing. Your standard regulator is fine and the boat or dive-shop where you get your NITROX will provide the tanks ready to dive.
How long does it take?
On your schedule you complete the online training and make a short fifteen minute appointment to review the test with one of our instructors. If you have any questions or to sign up, just stop by or call one of our stores and we’ll get you on your way to safer , longer, more enjoyable dives.
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